Yo Whatsapp Restore Chat

Most people useWhatsApp for chatting and communication across the globe. However, the app hascertain limitations and lacks some features. Therefore, several developerscreated modified versions of the app to provide more features to the users.

Yo WhatsApp Business is one ofthe most enticing modded versions of the official WhatsApp application. Fromgetting many options in the Yo WhatsApp status setting to accessing numerousthemes and emojis, this app makes your chatting experience interesting and fun.

So, if you want toswitch from the original WhatsApp to this modded version to explore suchimpeccable features, perform Yo WhatsApp restore chat in simple and easy steps.Keep reading this article to learn about it in-depth.

How to Do Yo WhatsApp Restore Chat?

Here’s a step-by-stepguide on restoring messages for Yo WhatsApp for PC as well as the mobile app fromthe original WhatsApp application.

Step 1: Create a backup of your WhatsApp data. Open “Settings” of the app and go to “Chats.”

Step 2: Select “Backup" andpress the "Backup Chats" button. Then, wait for the process to complete.

Step 3: Once the backup iscomplete, uninstall the official WhatsApp application.

Step 4: Launch File Manager andnavigate to the WhatsApp folder and WhatsApp XXX subfolder where the chatbackup is stored.

Step 5: Rename the folder to YoWhatsApp. Also, rename the subfolder accordingly.

Step 6: Now, install Yo WhatsApp.

Step 7: Open the MOD app andbegin the setup process.

Step 8: You will get a prompt torestore the WhatsApp chat while setting up the app.

Step 9: So,restore the chat backup. Congratulations, you have successfully restored the originalWhatsApp chat to your Yo WhatsApp account!
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