Why Whatsapp is not working

Why WhatsApp is not working despite the best internet connection?

WhatsApp can be called thesubstitute for SMS but with additional features that let you connect with peopleacross the globe through voice and video calls and is favored due to itssophisticated yet simple features.

But when the app doesn’t workcorrectly, it disrupts our personal and professional lives. So, there are manyways to fix the problems of WhatsApp shutting down, but for that, first, youneed to find the reason why WhatsApp isnot working.

Why WhatsApp is not working?

WhatsApp is a multi-platform mobilemessaging app used extensively on Android, Windows, and iPhone devices. Listedbelow are a few causes for why WhatsAppis not working.

Deleted WhatsApp account

If not used for more than 120 days,the service gets discontinued due to inactivity, and you will need to create anew account.

If your old data has got corrupted,this could be another reason whyWhatsApp is not working yesterday. Therefore, it is essential to clear theold data from time to time.

Incorrect app version

Sometimes an incorrect version makesthis app unusable. The operating system upgrades are not always compatible withthe app upgrades, which might be why your WhatsApp is not working.

Why WhatsApp is not working rightnow?

WhatsApp is a free andthe most commonly used tool for communication that works on the internet. Italso enables you to share your location with friends and relatives due to astrong internet connection.

WhatsApp started onlyas a messaging app, but it evolved to be the most extensively used app forcommunication with time. However, your WhatsApp may not work instantly due toWiFi or internet issues. So, let's see whyWhatsApp is not working now.

Why WhatsApp is not working onWiFi?

For making video andvoice calls without interruptions, you require a secure and fast networksystem. If WhatsApp is not working on WiFi, it would mean a connectivity issuewith WiFi or the data usage control settings on your phone, which have been setto mobile data only.

Why WhatsApp is not working withmobile data?

The data managementsettings of your phone have to be changed to mobile data for WhatsApp to workon it.

Why is WhatsApp not working on afew devices?

There have beenseveral instances of WhatsApp not working in India during 2020. The reason why WhatsApp is not working today in Indiais that the company confirmed the app would no more work on phones with AndroidOS 4.1 and IOS 10 and above.

But if your device iscompatible with WhatsApp, and still it’s not working, then the following may beits reasons.

Why WhatsApp is not working in myphone?

When WhatsApp is notworking on your phone, the real reason behind it might not be your device butbecause the service is down.

Why WhatsApp is not working onlaptop?

A few reasons forWhatsApp not working on your laptop could be a running background process andconnection issues due to the WiFi network, which could be rectified by closingthe app through task manager and using the same network used on your phone.

WhatsApp now

We can call WhatsApp a social app asconversations of all kinds is carried out on this app. So, if you want tounleash the benefits of WhatsApp without any interruptions, download it!
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