How to Whatsapp without Saving Number

WhatsApp is a commonly used app forcommunication as it helps build an instant connection with family and friends.It allows us to chat with people on a personal and professional level. Peopleuse it to send an important official message to a co-worker or a file withimportant information. You have to add contact numbers to your list to send apicture or message to someone.

However, there are times when you donot wish to save the contact to your list and have a one-time use of that phonenumber. For instance, you do not want to save the number in your contact listwhen you have a delivery to be sent or received and wish to send some details.In such cases, you have to know how to WhatsApp without saving number so thatthe third party cannot see your status or other details.

how to whatsapp without saving number on android

So, keep this reading this article tolearn this tactic in detail.

How to WhatsApp Without SavingNumber on Android Devices?

Android users can send WhatsAppmessages to contacts not saved through Truecaller. The detailed steps are givenbelow.

Step 1: Install the Truecaller app and sign in.

Step 2: You mustallow Truecaller to access your call log and tap on the unsaved contact. If youcannot trace the call by the Truecaller, you will have to use the search box.On scrolling, WhatsApp will be visible.

Step 3: Once you tapon the icon, it will open the WhatsApp chat UI of the contact whose number hasnot been saved.

Step 4: Finally, youcan begin your conversation with the new unsaved contact.

How to WhatsApp Without SavingNumber on PC?

If youwant to start WhatsApp on the PC, you need to open the WhatsApp Web and executethe following steps.

Step 1: Log in to theWhatsApp web app on your PC and open the address

Step 2: The phonenumber that is given should also have the country code.

Step 3: Then, add thenumber to the URL

For example, number.

Step 4: Paste theabove URL on the browser and enter it to load the WhatsApp web. Then, open thechat window for the phone number.

How to WhatsApp Without SavingNumber on iPhone?

Even though using works well onthe iPhone, there is another way to chat on WhatsApp without saving contacts oniOS devices.

Step 1: A newshortcut has to be created, and the shortcut app is used for this purpose.

Step 2: Click on ‘Addaction’ and search for ‘Ask for input.’

Step 3: Enter thenumber on the action field and give a label for easy use.

Step 4: For thesecond action, a variable has to be set. Type the same label given before, andin the following field, select 'provided input.'

Step 5: For the thirdaction, select the URL option in the URL field and enter code and put down the content of theassigned variable.

Step 6: Launch the browser that containsthe URL. And you can start chatting with the unsaved contact.

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So, chatting with someone whose number has notbeen saved on your contact list is pretty easy on WhatsApp. If you also want toexperience this exclusive feature, download the app now.
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