How to use Yo Whatsapp

So, if you want to check out this app's features, learn how to use Yo WhatsApp.

How to use Yo WhatsApp best?

The Yo WhatsApp screen is dividedinto sections that users can explore by swiping the screen left or right.

So, here are some ways to access the extended functionalities of this app.

How to Access Chats?

Before accessing the chats, you must learn how to Yo WhatsApp restore chat. Itwill help restore all the important conversations you had in your normal WhatsApp account.

Once it's done, you can open theapp. The chat window is shown on the home page of the app's initial screen.

You must select the contact name with whom you want to converse and click on it; the respective chat box will open. Then, you can write the message in the blank text box provided and hit the paper plane icon beside to send the message.

How to Give or View Status?

When you swipe to the left of thehomepage, you can see the Yo WhatsApp status setting. This section gives you access to the status of your contacts.

Besides, you can also add texts or pictures to your status from the “My Status” option.

How to Make Calls?

A stable internet connection is necessary for making calls on Yo WhatsApp.

Once you have that, you need to click on the smartphone-like icon and choose from phone or video call options. And you're done!

Download Yo Whatsapp

Yo WhatsApp has been developed to give users access to several extended functionalities. So, if you also want to enjoy using them, download Yo WhatsApp today! However, to keep your app up-to-date with the latest features, learn how to update Yo WhatsApp beforehand.
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