How to add stickers in Yo Whatsapp

With WhatsApp offering limitedfeatures, people are shifting to Yo WhatsApp to make their conversations moreinteresting through various emoji and sticker options. Even those using Yo WhatsApp business accounts can access extensive sticker collections and sharethem with their business contacts.

So now, with Yo WhatsApp, creatingand sharing DIY text-based stickers or personalized image stickers have becomeeasy. In case you want to learn how to add stickers in Yo WhatsApp, keepreading this blog.

How to add stickers in Yo WhatsApp the easiest?

You no more need to send long textsto get your feelings across, as Yo WhatsApp allows amazing stickers to be sentalong with your message and make your chats more interesting.

Guide for Downloading and Installing Sticker Packs on Yo WhatsApp

Stickers are usually available inthe form of images or characters, and you can easily get them through theYoStickers app. So, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to download and installsticker packs on Yo WhatsApp.

However, before doing so, ensure toopt for a Yo WhatsApp restore chat. It will restore all your stickercollections and help you avoid downloading the same packs you already had.

Step 1: Download the lateststickers through the YoStickers APK file through a Direct or Mirror downloadoption.

Step 2: Install the app once the file has been downloaded in thephone’s download folder.

Step 3: Open the app and browse through the vast sticker collection.Then, tap on the "Add" option for the ones you like, and they'll getautomatically added to your Yo WhatsApp account.

How to CreateSticker Packs with the YoStickers Maker App?

Apart from using readymade YoWhatsApp stickers, you can also create your custom image-based stickers and addthem to this MOD app.

But before adding pictures to thestickers pack, you need to erase the background with a background remover toolto create a transparent PNG file of the collected images. Once done, you canproceed with the following steps to create DIY stickers.

Step 1: Open the YoStickers makerapp.

Step 2: Assign a name to thenewly created pack.

Step 3: Select an image from thephone gallery or capture a new picture you want to use as the sticker.

Step 4: Add a minimum of 3 or amaximum of 30 pictures to create the pack of stickers.

Step 5: You must crop thepictures according to the app's recommended pixel size. A text or emoji can beadded when the image is being edited.

Step 6: Click on the “PublishStickers Pack” option to complete the process.

Step 7: The sticker pack willautomatically get added with other stickers to your Yo WhatsApp account.

Download Yo Whatsapp the latest version of the app now

Creating and adding customized andreadymade stickers is no more a hassle with the YoStickers app. You can easilyuse the newly created YoStickers pack by selecting the stickers icon on yourchat box. In fact, you can create unlimited sticker packs and enjoy the premiumfeature in no time.

So, what are you waiting for? Download YoWhatsApp today and unleash this benefit!
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