5 Best Features Of Yo WhatsApp App

Yo WhatsApp is one of the mostwell-known modified versions of the original WhatsApp. Its popularity isbecause it is filled with a wide range of features. In addition, the developershave added so many interesting features that make it more engaging than theoriginal app.

However, if you are wondering how to add stickers in Yo WhatsApp, you can easily do so from the app's settings.Besides, the modded application also helps avoid unnecessary interactions byhiding your status from particular contacts of your choice.

So, here, we will discuss the 5 bestfeatures of Yo WhatsApp app that make your chatting experience more vibrant.Have a look!

5 best Features of Yo WhatsApp application today

The Yo WhatsApp app has many uniquefeatures that make it more interactive and fun. Take a look at its 5 bestfeatures below.

1. Send Messages Without Saving Numbers

Yo WhatsApp lets you send messagesto unknown numbers without having to save the number on your device. Thisfeature comes in handy if you are contacting someone for emergency requirementsor don't want to share your information and status.

2. Share Messages With Up To 600 Contacts At Once

If you are someone who has to sendmessages to a large number of people, you can do so with Yo WhatsApp. Theapplication has a very useful feature that lets you simultaneously sendmessages to up to 600 contacts. Compared to the 256 contacts of the originalWhatsApp, the feature enables you to send files effortlessly to many contacts.

3. Comes With Inbuilt Safety Features For Added Security

Yo WhatsApp provides an extra layerof security with features like an inbuilt app lock and Do Not Disturb (DND).You can lock the app so no one can access your chats and files. The Do NotDisturb feature lets you disable internet connectivity for just this moddedapp. So, you won't receive any messages until you enable data connectivity forthe app in the settings.

4. Renders Interactive Messaging Experience

The app has an excellent userinterface that is pretty easy to use. In addition, several messaging featuresprovide an engaging experience for the user. Some features include auto-reply,erasing several messages at once, unique chat bubbles, theme modifications, andchangeable blue ticks. These features lend a unique attribute to the messagingapp and make it more fun.

5. Comes With Several Hiding Features

Using Yo WhatsApp for iOS andAndroid platforms, you can stay private while communicating with your contactsefficiently. Hide double tick and blue tick settings prevent your contacts fromseeing whether you have received and read their messages. You can also hideyour last seen and online status in the app.

Download Yo WhatsApp to explore more

All the functionalities stated above make YoWhatsApp one of the best-modded versions of WhatsApp. So, take advantage of allthese features by downloading the app today!
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